Cincy's Small Business Spotlight

Cincy's Small Business Spotlight Welcome Tandem to Cincinnati Hey Cincinnati! Are you looking for reliable child care or pet care? Looking for someone reliable to tidy up + help around the house? Look no further, Tandem is now launching in our city! Tandem is here to help with all of your care + household needs. I am beyond excited to welcome this expedient platform to our city.  What is Tandem? […]
Cincy's Small Business Spotlight 3 Reasons to Support your Local Bakery Support local this holiday season (better yet, year-round) and buy your baked goods from Sugar Baby Bakehouse! I love a good sweet treat… in my opinion Sugar Baby Bakehouse has some of the best in town. Here are a few reasons why you should shop from your local bakery, Sugar Baby Bakehouse-  1.Supporting local goes a long way…. You can be a part […]
Cincy's Small Business Spotlight Luxury Picnics Are the Next Big Thing in Cincy It’s 2021 and as we know it, things have changed. That includes the way we picnic! Forget the plain blanket, ham sandwich and juice box… say hello to an extravagant set up, unique snacks and much more than any basic picnic that comes to mind. Girls days, proposals, date nights, bridal showers, mommy & me, […]
Cincy's Small Business Spotlight Increase Curb Appeal and the Value of Your Home Have you ever thought about hiring a professional to pressure wash your home? Meet Israel Cruz, the small business owner of Cruz Pressure Washing, LLC. Israel is a husband, father, entrepreneur and longtime resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. Israel provides professional power washing services in the Cincinnati area. “I enjoy being able to serve my customers by caring for their homes, and making them look the […]
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