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If you’re a homeowner who has dreamed of building your own custom home, you may be wondering about the best order of steps to take to make this dream a reality. When living in an existing home, it can be difficult to decide when to put your existing home on the market, or when to start working with home builders to get your project off the ground.

It is so important to have a Realtor® representing you when buying new construction. The sales agent at the community works for the builder's best interest, not yours.

It does not cost you anything to have someone representing your best interests when purchasing new construction. The builder pays the buyer's agent commission, not you.

Buying or building a new home is a huge undertaking, with many questions to consider. I have put together this guide to give you a look at the issues you will want to consider as you decide whether to purchase a newly built home or to undertake building with a contractor or within a new development. Use the What's Your Home Worth? tool above to find out what new build will be in your budget!

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